A perfect end to a perfect trip.

Looks like I’m on the wrong side of the apocalypse.

They say hair o’ the dog is the cure for what ails you..

Cinnamon eats Coffee for dinner.

This is Moose as a bright eyed little puppy. He is in the hospital now and is fighting severe pneumonia, in addition to his congenital megaesophagus…and we are praying there is not a fungal infection as well that the vets are concerned about. We are hoping and praying he responds to treatment!!!

Cinnamon loves mud…I don’t. #mudamon

So, Cinnamon’s been pooped ever since the puppy left. We had to hide her balls in the bathtub because they are not approved for the service puppy to play with. The bathroom lights were out and I hear noises coming from the bathroom and notice Cinnamon is not sleeping in her bed anymore… I sneak up on her and this is what I see!

Love it when the park belongs to us.

This is how you make a Cinnamon Roll. 2 parts grass, 1 part mud, 1 large part freshly bathed dog. Mix and enjoy.

QuestionDid you're pup have babies? Answer

Yup, we rescued her from a shelter in 2010 and she was pregnant; 2 weeks after we got her she had puppies. My parents kept 3 puppies so we have reunions occasionally :)